The Fibs Never Lie

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Unlock the mysteries of Fibonacci to give your trading an additional edge!​

For decades, traders have been under-utilizing or misunderstanding the power of Fibonacci in trading.


Fibonacci is about far more than just running 61.8% retracements of a prior move!


In The Fibs Never Lie, you will learn the deeper mysteries contained within the Fibonacci sequence and ratios. 


You will learn how to determine more objective levels for support and resistance. You'll learn how to find high probability turning points in the market ahead of time. You'll also learn how to know when these turning points are likely to occur.


The Fibs Never Lie works beautifully with Options Academy, and will help increase the edge of any good trading system or investment strategy you are working with. It's like bolting a supercharger onto an already great engine!


  • You want to increase your edge with whatever trading method you use

    Once you unlock the mysteries of Fibonacci, deciding which trade setups you should take and which ones you should leave alone becomes easier. This means more winning trades and fewer losing trades. Applying these Fibonacci techniques will improve your edge! 

  • You want to objectively confirm support and resistance levels

    Drawing trend lines, eyeballing support and can all be a bit subjective (not to mention confusing) can't it? Applying Fibonacci analysis will give you more objective confirmation of support and resistance. 

  • ​You want to identify high probability turning points ahead of time

    Our Fibonacci techniques will enable you to determine objective, high probability turning points in the market. You'll learn how to build a roadmap using Fibonacci so you will know whether the next high probability move is higher or lower! 

  • You sometimes feel hesitant about when to enter or exit a position

    ​Fibonacci analysis can provide you with objective, high probability zones of support and resistance, so you can feel more confident about entering or exiting a trade. You will become a more confident trader!

  • You'd like confirmation of when AND where trends are likely to reverse

    By combining Fibonacci time AND price techniques, you can anticipate reversals in trend BEFORE they occur. You will become a more patient trader as you wait for the market to come to you! 


You will receive 4.5 hours of online video learning, broken up into 6 easily digested modules. The training is 100% pure content, with no filler. The training is specifically designed to be both thorough AND time effective.

Introduction to Fibonacci

Whats is Fibonacci? Why should we care about it? What ratios do we use, how are they derived? How to set up the Fibonacci tools on various platforms.

Price Retracements

How to apply some of the ratios we learned in module one to find high probability levels of support and resistance.

Price Expansions

Learn how to use Fibonacci to locate high probability price targets. Perfect for setting profit targets and potential reversal points.

Price Extensions

Price extensions are slightly more complex, but one of the most powerful price forecasting tools. Great for assessing the strength of a trend.

Time Forecasting

By combining price AND time forecasting, you can gauge ahead of time not only when a price reversal is likely to occur but also WHEN it's likely to occur.

Putting It All Together

You'll learn how to combine the various Fibonacci analysis techniques and also how to build a roadmap of where price is likely to head next


We really want to over deliver and ensure all of our clients receive an amazing experience. So in addition to the best-in-class online training you will receive in The Fibs Never Lie, we are giving away the following awesome bonuses as well!

12 Months of Help Desk Support - $997 Value

You can access our help desk for 12 months with any learning-related queries you may have. Please note that our help desk is not able to provide any investment or trading advice.

"Mathematics is the language of nature"

- Leonardo Fibonacci

Find high probability turning points in the market ahead of time

Apply the secrets of Fibonacci to identify objective, low-risk entry and exit points

  • Use Fibonacci price analysis to objectively identify and confirm high probability regions of support and resistance.

  • Use Fibonacci price analysis to locate when turning points are likely to occur.

  • Become a more confident trader as you increase your edge by targeting higher probability entries and exits.

This course will benefit you if you are...

An Active Trader

Gain additional confirmation on your setups. Anticipate market turning points. Locate objective price targets

A Long-Term Investor

The techniques taught apply equally to long-term investors who are seeking greater edge

A Financial Adviser

Use these techniques to better time entries and exits on your clients' investments


I believe THE FIBS NEVER LIE is the most complete, thorough, yet accessible and engaging course on Fibonacci analysis available anywhere. Anybody who trades or invests in the markets can benefit from Fibonacci analysis.

The Fibs Never Lie IS FOR YOU if

  • You want more winning trades and fewer losing trades with whatever system you're currently using.

  • You would like to feel more confident about the trades you are taking.

  • You'd like to be able to manage trades in a more disciplined manner with pre-determined profit targets.

  • You want to be able to identify high probability turning points in the market ahead of time.

This may not be for you if

  • You don't have a trading method. If you don't have a trading method please check out our Options Academy program first.

  • You're not interested in increasing your edge on your trading method.

  • Determining objective, high probability regions of support and resistance is not important to you.

  • Finding high probability turning points in the market does not interest you.

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