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Enhance your trading with our proprietary code scripted paint bar indicators


  • You want to be able to identify trends at a glance

    Magic Bars will give you powerful visual cues as to the trend of the security you are studying. Strong uptrend, weak uptrend, strong downtrend, weak downtrend, sideways trend, chop and volatility contraction are all visible just by looking at the colour of the bars! You will learn to identify trends - and the most likely path of least resistance - much more quickly.

  • You want more edge in your trading

    Magic Bars will help you identify the best bullish and bearish setups. They will also make it easier to identify those setups that carry more risk and less edge. This means less guessing, less screwing around with marginal setups and greater edge for you, the trader.

  • You want to make your trading more visual, more fun and less stressful

    Magic Bars put the fun back into trading by making painting your candlesticks in vibrant colours, depending on the state of the trend. They also remove some of the stress of trading, when trying to determine the trend and identify the strongest setups. More fun and less stress can help to put you, the trader, into a better mental state to make high quality decisions.

  • You just like pretty, customized charts

    Did we mention, Magic Bars are pure eye candy? Your charts will really come alive in glorious colour! 


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User Guide For Magic Bars And Momentum Bars - $97 value

A downloadable 22 page PDF that will teach you how to apply Magic Bars and Momentum Bars in your own trading

Detailed video instruction that will teach you how to set up these indicators in your charting platform.

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These indicators are super easy to set up, but if you do encounter any problems just reach out to our friendly help desk! If we make any enhancements to these indicators in the future you will receive a free upgrade!

Magic Bars Show Trend Direction
Momentum Bars Show Bullish or Bearish Momentum on NVDA
Momentum Bars Show Bullish or Bearish Momentum on NVDA
Momentum Bars Show Bullish or Bearish Momentum on NVDA
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How long will it take me to go through the course?

I've never traded before. Is this indicator right for me?

Magic Bars are intended for people who are looking to enhance and existing trading method and as such, are not aimed at complete beginners. 

What charting platforms do you support?

When will I get access to my indicators?

Typically you will gain access to the membership portal within 15 minutes of checking-out of our online checkout

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