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As an Options Academy member, you are invited to join Options Academy Accelerate, designed and hosted by bestselling author and Tao Of Trading Founder, Simon Ree.


The Accelerate Program is your opportunity to work much more closely with Simon. You will hear from Simon every weekday via his daily market insights videos. You will also enjoy being part of one of the most comprehensive yet accessible online options learning programs through Simon's fortnightly Learning Labs.


You will also get to see the options trades that Simon places, before he places them. He will explain his rationale for each trade and show you how, when and why he gets into and out of his positions.


With Options Academy Accelerate, you'll hear only honest opinions on the market from Simon without any of the bias that plagues the traditional players in the finance industry. 

Our Solutions To Your Trading Challenges

​Inconsistent Trading Results

It can be challenging to identify and act upon good setups, and even when you do enter a trade, you may be uncertain about when to take profit, or cut a trade that isn’t working.


Net result? You win some trades, you lose some trades, but you’re not able to generate consistent trading profits from month to month.


With Options Academy Accelerate, learn how to identify, implement and manage high probability trades, to enable you to generate consistent trading cashflow each month.


You will feel confident once you see a pattern of consistent profitability in your trading. This is the reason why you’re trading, isn’t it?


Uncertainty impacts our ability to make good decisions. Traders often feel confusion which leads to indecision when:


- One index is rising while another is falling

- Markets are choppy

- There are too many or too few opportunities

- You do not know what type of options strategy is most appropriate for the trade you're considering


Leave behind confusion and indecision, and approach trading the markets with a new found confidence.


With the Accelerate program, you will have a clearer picture of what markets are doing and what you need to be focusing on. This will lead to: 


- Greater confidence

- Better decision making

Trading Losses

Aspiring traders often struggle to identify and and take best advantage of winning setups.


Usually some trading rules are forgotten, or your  trading plan hasn't been honored. You then find yourself nursing individual positions, instead of managing your portfolio. 


The result? A higher percentage of losing trades and losing trades are bigger than they should be. This undermines confidence, and places you at risk of entering into a downward psychological spiral, which can be very hard to trade out of.

Maximize Your Profit Potential

Gain the opportunity to both accelerate and maximize your potential to become a profitable trader.


Watch Simon identify high probability setups, understand why he's taking or NOT taking certain setups, be reminded of the trading rules, 

and see Simon use a combination of techniques to improve his edge.


Learn how Simon manages both winning and losing trades, and understand his approach to risk control, hedging and portfolio management.

Find Trading Stressful

Trading can be a lonely occupation.


Trying to figure it all out by yourself,  in between your job and your family and your social commitments, can be tiring and stressful.


Tiredness and stress impact your ability to make good decisions…and take a lot of the joy out of what can be a very rewarding career for anyone who loves solving puzzles and is intellectually curious.

Discover The Joy In Trading

Why trade alone, when you can trade with a like-minded global community of ambitious achievers?


You don’t have to struggle, trying to figure it all out by yourself. Take the stress out of your learning journey by having Simon as your daily mentor.


You will feel so much better when your learning comes easily, and trading is something you enjoy and look forward to.


“With so much to understand, how am I ever going to get on top of it?”


“What’s relevant NOW?”


“What should I be paying attention to NOW?”


These can be discouraging thoughts…and are a common reason why traders give up before ever reaching consistency.

Your Learning Journey

With Options Academy Accelerate, valuable, powerful, lessons and insight are going to be shared with you day by day, week by week.


You’ll have access to recordings of all the Learning Lab sessions for as long as you remain a member.


You will look back in 12 months time and feel a genuine sense of achievement at all you have learned and accomplished.

I found Simon's Options Academy course very useful. Despite being involved in financial markets for over 25 years, I came out of it with new technical analysis tools and trading setups to add to my arsenal. 


The Accelerate service is an excellent daily review of the markets which cuts through all the confusing noise, and provides solid trading setups as well as Simon's ongoing guidance to managing and closing of those setups.


Amongst all the trading courses out there, this one stands out and I would highly recommend it to newbies and experienced traders.

Ricky Thirion


Andrew Lockyer


The amount of knowledge Simon has shared in the last year or so with us, it's just beyond amazing. Listening to his market review on Options Academy Accelerate is the best 15mins I spend every day.


I would like to express my gratitude for all that I have learned from Simon and for the inspiration he gives us every day. It has helped me tremendously in achieving my professional goals and made me love trading more than I previously used to. To be a full-time trader is my lifelong dream and I have never been this close to achieving that.


NLV update: I am having the best year in terms of percentage return. As of today my NLV grew at a rate of 455% YTD. I am still improving every day and I really hope I can keep getting better.

Atul Tiwari

Hong Kong

Simon has the unique ability to breakdown complex concepts & explain them in a simple & easy to understand way.

Daniel R.



We always over deliver and ensure all of our clients receive an amazing experience. Learn why Options Academy Accelerate is a bargain if you want to fast track your trading success.

Daily Market Video Updates - $1,029 Value Per Month

Discover what has happened, what's moving markets and what Simon expects will happen next. Learn the factors Simon is focusing on to improve his edge. Follow Simon's macro analysis, sector analysis, single stock analysis and seasonal analysis as he builds his watchlist and identifies trades. Delivered to you via a 10-20 minute video each day.

Fortnightly LIVE "Learning Labs" - $794 per month

Every two weeks Simon will host a live Learning Lab session. These will be a deep dive into an important trading topic. We will cover topics including butterfly trades, psychology and mindset, Fibonacci analysis, picking tops and bottoms and much more. Please watch the video at the top of this page for more information. 

See The Trades Simon Is Taking - $297+ Value Per Month

Not only will you get to see the stocks Simon is watching, he will explain and break down for you the trades he is taking and why he is taking them. He will also explain why he is avoiding some setups. Looking for some trading inspiration? You've come to the right place!

Quarterly Earnings Season Preview - $197 Value Per Month

Earnings season provides a barrage of potential trading setups each quarter...but it can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate. These calls will see that you're well-prepared for earnings season and can start stalking high potential candidates before earnings season begins. Simon will also share earnings trades he's taking throughout the season via the daily updates.

Monthly Market Barometer - $97 Value Per Month

Each month Simon will review the various market barometers he studies to determine the strength and quality of market trends. Simon will review key levels, pivot points and areas of support and resistance as well as market seasonality, to provide you with a clear roadmap for the month. 



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I have been active in the financial markets both personally and professionally for over 28 years. 


I have put my heart and soul into building Options Academy and I am confident that you will love it. My mission is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to become a consistently profitable trader in any market condition, while prudently managing risk.


The Options Academy online learning portal is your opportunity to learn over two decade's worth of my trading experience in two weeks!


Simon Ree

Founder, Tao Of Trading Ltd.

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