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Simon Ree

Bestselling Author

Founder, Tao Of Trading

Simon Ree has worked as a professional in the financial markets since 1992, when he started his career as a futures broker. He loves studying the markets, trading the markets and he loves traders, too.


During his 28 year career, Simon worked at Goldman Sachs where he founded and headed-up the Markets Desk in Sydney. He subsequently held senior positions at Citibank in Singapore. During this time, he developed considerable expertise in financial markets, with a particular emphasis on stocks and options.


Simon is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, The Tao Of Trading: How To Build Abundant Wealth In Any Market Condition.


Simon's passion extends beyond trading the markets, to analyzing the markets, talking and writing about the markets and teaching others how to trade the markets.


Since 2017, Simon has successfully mentored hundreds of aspiring traders on the simple techniques he uses to generate consistent cash flow from the stock market.


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Tao = The Way


Trading is nether complex nor difficult. It can be, but it certainly doesn't need to be, when you know the right way.


Once you have learned the way, making consistent returns from the stock market becomes simple.


The types of returns it is possible to generate are likely beyond your wildest dreams. They're certainly well beyond what Wall Street and conventional thinking have lead to to believe is possible.


Maybe you want to save for retirement? 


Or maybe you're approaching retirement and want to start generating a consistent income?


Maybe you want to escape a day job that you hate, with the aspiration of creating a full-time income from trading?


Or perhaps you just want some extra income to pay for life's expenses and luxuries?


All of this is possible, thanks to trading. 


Trading is the ultimate "work from home". You get to work for a fraction of the day, without a boss telling you what to do and without having to hire any staff. 


With trading, you could generate the income you've always desired AND actually have time to enjoy it!


Think about it...financial freedom AND personal freedom.


Join our Options Academy and we'll show you how to make this dream into a reality.


Why I Can Help You

  • 28 Years of Market Experience

    I have traded every kind of financial instrument during every conceivable market condition. I have "cracked the code" of how to trade the markets successfully.

  • A Passionate Teacher Who Keeps It Simple

    I have a genuine passion for sharing my knowledge and experience and helping people to get results. It's my mission. And I strongly believe that simpler is nearly always better, especially when it comes to trading. Complexity just breeds uncertainty and fear, and fear is the enemy of execution. 

  • Holistic Approach to Trading

    Learning how to read charts, use indicators and manage risk are all essential, and I teach all of that. But they're not enough. With out a winning trader's mindset, your failure as a trader is almost guaranteed. Becoming a good trader is a journey of self-discovery, as you strive to become the best version of yourself. This is all part of the way

  • I Walk The Talk

    I am a real-life trader and I honed my craft on the front line of the finance industry. I have personally worked with some of the smartest traders in the world, as well as some of the wealthiest and most successful families across the Asia-Pacific.

learn to trade with simon ree

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