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We have taught absolute beginners how to trade. We have taught people with many years' experience how to become consistent. Wherever you are in your trading journey, we're here to help you.


Come learn to trade with us! Trading can be your new "side gig" or the ultimate "work from home"!

  • Grow your wealth quicky

    You can start trading with a small account and learn to build your wealth more quickly than you ever imagined, all while managing your risk responsibly

  • High probability trading opportunities

    Easy to spot setups that will enable you to turn market volatility into regular cashflow

  • Take the stress out of trading

    Learn risk management techniques to keep your account safe. When following our guidelines  you'll always be able to sleep well at night

  • Trade in just 20 minutes per day

    Using the custom scans we provide, you won't have to spend hours staring at screens. You'll be able to make the money you want AND have the time to enjoy it

  • Income, growth...or both?

    You draw regular cashflow from the market or compound your account quickly. It's up to you!

  • Learn to read the markets like a book

    We'll teach you how to build a simple roadmap of the markets. You'll know how to make money whether markets are rising, falling...or crashing!

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learn to trade with Simon Ree

Hello, trader

I'm Simon Ree,

Bestselling author and

Founder of Tao Of Trading

I love markets. And I love traders.


I have been active in the financial markets both personally and professionally since 1992.


My professional career spans 25 years in the private banking and investment banking industry. I founded and headed-up the Markets Desk at Goldman Sachs in Sydney and held senior positions with Citibank in Singapore before deciding to focus on trading full-time in 2017.


Today, I'm passionate about teaching others how to trade safely and profitably. I have built a world-class online curriculum that can turn a complete beginner into an options trader in a matter of weeks.


In addition to trading, I am the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller "The Tao of Trading - How To Create Abundant Wealth In Any Market Condition". I am also a certified Jeet Kune Do instructor and a Reiki Master. I am based in Singapore.


Simon Ree is a great teacher and mentor and is able to make complex subjects simple to grasp. His genuine passion for the markets is infectious and his knowledge world class

Anthony Skotnicky

Portfolio Manager

Simon Ree possesses a strong expertise of financial markets. I always find his views very worthwhile and have profited from his advice over the years

Robert Whyte

Professional Investor


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